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Return Process

The products listed by Bohaotong Technology have been clearly indicated the product model brand packaging, please carefully check the product model and supplier and other relevant information before placing an order, please contact the sales engineer, if the wrong model and quantity are placed due to their own reasons, Bohaotong Technology will not accept the return request. After the user successfully places an order, Bohaotong Technology directly purchases the product model and quantity specified by the user in accordance with the order requirements

After-sales service acceptance conditions

1. Customers who need to return goods due to the incorrect actual quantity received, inconsistent models, and product quality can be returned within 1 week after receipt, and will not be accepted.

2. For returned products, please be sure to keep the original packaging intact (including outsourcing and inner filling) and ensure that the goods label is intact

3. If the customer applies for return due to product quality problems, the customer needs to provide a detailed English version of the performance report as the basis for negotiation between Bohaotong Technology and the buyer. If necessary, a third-party test report in English that is mutually acceptable is also required

4. After the invoiced order application is approved, the invoice will be returned

After-sales service is not subject to acceptance conditions
1. The original packaging of the product and the label of the goods are damaged or missing.

2. Products that have been used/tried on the machine

3. The receipt time is more than two weeks (subject to the date of express delivery)

4. The invoice that has been issued is lost

5. Misbooking and misbooking caused by the user's own reasons

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