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Shenzhen Bohaotong Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in electronic components, mainly engaged in IC integrated circuits, crystal oscillators, connectors, modules
IC BRANDS INCLUDE FREESCALE, MAX, ALTERA, XILINX, TI/NS, ADI, LINEAR, ST, CYPRESS, ATMEL, PHI, FAIRCHILD, ETC. Applications: IT, communications, remote control, aerospace, control systems, automobiles, machinery, instrumentation and home appliance control and other fields

Crystal oscillator brands include TXC, EPSON, SII, MICRO CRYSTAL, KDS, MURATA, CITIZEN, NDK, KYOCERA and other well-known brands as well as some Taiwanese brands. Including military crystals, commercial crystals, crystals for special specifications, temperature-compensated crystal oscillators, voltage-controlled temperature-compensated crystal oscillators, active crystal oscillators, bell oscillators, filters, and multi-function oscillators

Commonly used sizes are: 2x6, 3x8, 49S, 49U, 49SMD, 2.5mmx2.0mm, 3.2mmx2.5mm, 4.0mmx2.5mm, 5.2mmx3.2mm, 6.0mmx3.5mm, 7.0mmx5.0mm and other special sizes.
The brands of connectors are: Panasonic, Panasonic, HRS, Hirose, molex, JST, JAE, OMRON. Kyocera, TYCO, DDK and other brand connectors. Board-to-board receptacles, FFC flat cable connectors. The main specifications are: 0.5mm series (vertical sticker, surface mount, upper connection, lower connection) 1.0mm series (single-sided straight insertion, single-sided bent insertion, locking up/down, vertical sticker, horizontal) 1.25mm series (single-sided straight insertion, single-sided bent insertion, SMD type), which are used in LCD screens, display screens and other home appliance industrial fields.
The brands of the modules are: Fuji, Mitsubishi, Sanken, Sansha, Toshiba, Siemens, SEMIKRON, Motorola, IXYS, Hitachi, IIR, AEG, GTR, IGBT, IPM, PIM, thyristor, fast recovery diode, rectifier bridge, solid state relay, fast melting insurance produced by EUPEC. The DC/DC power modules produced by VICOR, Lucent, ARTESYN, DATEL, ASTEC, POWER-ONE (IPD) and LAMBDA, COSEL, ERICSSON in the United States are specialized in the production of various switching regulated power supplies, AC/DC, DC/DC, with an output power of 1.5W-600W. All built-in imported industrial-grade power modules, high efficiency, high reliability, widely used in communications, railways, factories, luxury buses, trains, ships and other important fields.
Shenzhen Bohaotong Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the promotion and sales of world-famous electronic products at home and abroad, the company has some spot inventory, in Asia, Europe and the United States has a good supply channel, as well as stable OEM customer relations, to ensure that competitive products and prices, is a professional electronic components supplier with comprehensive competitive advantages.
Bohaotong is a fast-growing company, the company is constantly standardizing the sales operation process, fully demonstrating the competitiveness of Bohaotong in international trade, has set up a procurement center and import and export center in Hong Kong, and set up a sales center in China/Shenzhen. Bohaotong has completed the product development system, which can help customers provide a wide range of product development solutions and technical support.
Bohaotong company is a young sales team, there are 30 sales staff in the company, all of whom have received higher education and diversified internal training, Bohaotong always believes that the excellent company is not only to sell products, but also to create talents and brands, Bohaotong pays attention to the career planning and development of employees, therefore, Bohaotong always insists that only excellent employees, there is a tenacious life of the enterprise, and there are sustainable and stable customers.
Bohaotong company insists on improving customer quality management, all our operational processes are implemented in accordance with the ISO 9000 quality management system, through the process to control and ensure quality, the company also has a special unpopular, shutdown, shortage, embargo, military IC supply channels. Through our efforts, the business scope has involved: communications, computer peripherals, aerospace, petroleum, industrial control, medical equipment, instrumentation and other fields of research and development and production. We have established a good customer relationship with them with a sincere attitude and perfect service.
Excellent service, price advantage! Stable supply! Honest management is the foundation of our foothold in the electronics industry. Give our company a chance, we will give you a surprise back, our cooperation is definitely more than once!

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